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Utiliser la fonte Linux Libertine pour le web Aurélien PIERRE, Développement.
/ Importe la feuille de style / @import url'https// / Ex: @import / / Applique la police Linux Libertine à tout le texte / body font-family: Linux Libertine' / Applique la police Linux Libertine Mono au code source / pre, code font-family: Linux Libertine Mono' / Applique la police Linux Libertine Initials à la première lettre du premier paragraphe de chaque page / post post-content pfirst-childfirst-letter: font-size: 58px; font-family: Linux Libertine Initials' font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; line-height: 58px; margin: 1px 2px 0 5px; float: left; text-transform: uppercase; overflow: visible.;
Auto Multiple Choice Bug 293: Linux" Libertine O" ne marche pas sous OS X.
AMC-TXT filter now refers to Linux Libertine font as LinLibertine_R.otf. instead of Linux Libertine O, for MacOSX compatibility. Ajouté par Alexis Bienvenüe il y a plus de 5 ans. Set back Linux" Libertine O" as the default font for AMC-TXT, so that bold and italic texts are displayed properly.
CTAN: Package libertine.
Location: CTAN Packages libertine libertine Use of Linux Libertine and Biolinum fonts with L a T e X. The package provides the Libertine and Biolinum fonts in both Type 1 and OTF styles, together with support macros for their use.
The LaTeX Font Catalogue Linux Libertine.
usepackagelibertine usepackagelibertinust1math usepackageT1fontenc Style examples. Ligatures and German double s. Linux Libertine is available as Type 1. Linux Libertine is available as OpenType or TrueType. Part of T e XLive? Linux Libertine is part of T e XLive. Location at CTAN.
Arch Linux ttf-linux-libertine-g 20120116-6 any.
Source Files / View Changes. Bug Reports / Add New Bug. Flag Package Out-of-Date? Download From Mirror. Description: Graphite port of Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum fonts. Upstream URL: https// Licenses: customOFL, GPL. Maintainers: Balló György. Package Size: 3.1 MB.
Linux Libertine G and Linux Biolinum G for LibreOffice and desktop publishing, OpenType to Graphite conversion.
For the crossed W of the wordmark set font feature ss05 in LibreOffice by the extended font name Linux Libertine Gss051.: Portion of a colophon referring to Linux Libertine G Keith Humble: Earliest Piano Works, Copied and edited by Kim Bastin, Astra Publications No.
Linux Libertine Wikipédia.
en BYFIELD Bruce, 2006, Linux Libertine Open Fonts offers free Times Roman alternative, http// New Wikipedia-Logo using LinuxLibertine. wmfWikimedia: official marks/About the official MarksStylized W of Wikipedia. Bundled Linux Libertine" G" and Linux Biolinum" G" fonts. New typographic features by improved Graphite port of Libertine Open Fonts.
Characters in the Linux Libertine font.
PDF with all characters of Linux Libertine 2.1.0 Bold. PDF with all characters of Linux Libertine 2.1.0 Bold Italic. PDF with all characters of Linux Libertine U 2.1.0 Underlined regular. PDF with all characters of Linux Libertine U 2.1.0 Bold Underlined.
De Linux Libertine à Libertinus Geekographie Maïeulesque.
Avec le fichier suivant et la version standard de Linux Libertine.: documentclass 14pt article usepackage fontspec setmainfont NumbersOldStyle Linux Libertine O begin document Huge textbf emph 0123456789 end document. On obtient des chiffres erronés. Chiffres elzéviriens avec Linux Libertine en gras et italique.

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